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Figures for Edmunds et al., 2016

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Fig. 4

Pharyngeal arches develop later in catfish than in zebrafish. Chondrification of jaw (mandibular arch), hyoid arch, and branchial arches as detected by Alcian Blue staining. Images show lower branchial elements in ventral view. (A) Ictalurus punctatus, 96 hpf; (B) Ancistrus cf. triradiatus, 96 hpf; (C) Corydoras aeneus, 102 hpf; (D) Danio rerio, 72 hpf. m, Meckel’s cartilage; bh, basihyal; ch, ceratohyal cartilage; cb, ceratobranchial cartilages. Scale bars = 100 µm.

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