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Figures for Blasky et al., 2014


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Fig. 5 Pard3 localizes at transient points of contact between neural crest cells. A: Image of neural crest cells marked by sox10:tagRFP (white) and Pard3-GFP (green) (24 hpf; lateral view of trunk). Pard3-GFP is concentrated at points of contact between cells (arrows) and forms puncta within cells (arrowheads). B: Images captured from time-lapse movies of neural crest cells (24 hpf; dorsal view of trunk). Numbers indicate time elapsed since beginning of image sequence. Image sequence shows one neural crest cell (white) extending to contact another (red) followed by process withdrawal. Pard3-GFP clusters at the point of contact and then disperses following withdrawal (insets, arrowheads). C: Representative image of Pard3-GFP localization within migrating Schwann cells (20 hpf; lateral view of the trunk) Scale bars = 10 µM in A; 25 µM in B; 15 µM in C.

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