Figures for Huang et al., 2014

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Fig. S4

Nkx6.1 marks the PNCs in the larvae. (A–C) Projections of confocal z-stacks of larval Notch reporter (nuclear red) at 5 dpf. The larval pancreata were dissected out after being fixed with 4% PFA, and immunostained for Nkx6.1. (A) A merged image of the channels for Nkx6.1 (green) and mCherry (red). Nuclear-localized Nkx6.1 signal mainly appears in the intrapancreatic duct region, which is the location of the mCherry-labeled PNCs. Most of the Nkx6.1+ cells are also positive for mCherry. (B) The channel for Nkx6.1 staining. (C) The channel for Notch reporter (nuclear-red).

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