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Figures for Heim et al., 2014

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Fig. 2

buc transgenes with introns rescue buc egg polarity phenotypes. (A,B) buc gene structure and the constructs used herein. (A) The buc promoter was used to express full-length buc or buc with a truncated 32UTR. (B) The full-length buc ORF containing the full 32UTR (cbuc) or a truncated buc 32UTR (cbuc80) without introns: grey, non-coding/intron; green, exon; light blue, 32UTR. In addition, a mutant Buc protein with the bucp106 nonsense mutation was generated (cbucp10680). (C) Schematic and genotyping assay. Products from genomic DNA are 90 bp smaller in transgenes lacking introns. Gel images of products from adult F1 progeny of cbuc80 founders. (D,E) 8- to 16-cell stage F2 progeny of a gbuc rescued mutant in different focal planes. Arrows in E indicate the excess micropyles on embryos with rescued egg polarity. (F) Clutch of gbuc rescued mutant female at 1 dpf. (G) Higher magnification of embryos from F. (H) Ventralized phenotypes of gbuc+ mutant females. (I) Rescued progeny of a gbuc80 buc mutant founder. (F-I) Rostral is left and caudal is right. (D-H) Progeny of F1 transgenic mothers. An, animal; Vg, vegetal.

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