Figures for Blanco et al., 2014

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 5 The Cdh23, Harmonin, Ift88 and Myo7aa protein complex is present at the ER and associated vesicles. Proximity labeling (PL) of (A–D) wild-type (WT) siblings, and (F–I) cdh23, (K–N) ush1c, (P–S) ift88 and (U–X) myo7aa mutants. Proximity labeling of (A,F,K,P,U) Sec23 and Cdh23, (B,G,L,Q,V) Sec23 and Harmonin, (C,H,M,R,W) Sec13 and Ift88, and (D,I,N,S,X) Sec23 and Myo7a (recognizes Myo7aa and possibly Myo7ab; see Materials and Methods). (E,J,O,T,Y) Immunolabeling of Trappc3 in (E) WT, and (J) cdh23, (O) ush1c, (T) ift88 and (Y) myo7aa mutants. Confocal views of anterior macula hair cells. Scale bar: A–D,F,I,K–N,P–S,U–X: 7.5 µm; E,J,O,T,Y: 5 µm.

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