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Figures for Heim et al., 2014

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Fig. S6

Ectopic Balbiani body formation requires the 32UTR. Images of DiOC6 labeled oocytes from cbuc80 transgenic F1 mothers. The animal (An) and vegetal (Vg) axes of eggs with normal polarity are marked accordingly. A-F) DiOC6 labels the Balbiani bodies (Bb) of A) homozygous WT and C) bucp106/+ heterozygous females. Bb formation is disrupted in both B) homozygous WT and D) bucp106/+ heterozygous genotypes when the cbuc80 transgene (Tg) is present and E, F) in bucp106/p106 homozygous mutants regardless of transgene status. Nuc denotes the nucleus. 40x apotome images.

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