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Fig. 3

sfrp1a and sfrp5 depletion leads to small eyes and coloboma. To ascertain the function of Sfrp proteins during retinal development, we injected one-cell stage zebrafish embryos with morpholinos (MO) targeting sfrp1a and/or sfrp5. Embryos injected singly with 3 ng of sfrp1a or sfrp5 MO display overtly normal eye size at 25 hpf (A–C). In contrast, sfrp1a/5 MO co-injected embryos (3 ng each MO) display smaller eyes (D, I) (N, p<0.05; NN, p<0.01, ANOVA). 48 hpf retinas stained with phalloidin and TO-PRO3 display no overt difference between wildtype and sfrp1a/5 MO co-injected embryos (E–F). At 48 hpf WT embryos display a dissolution of Laminin staining at the choroid fissure (G). sfrp1a/5 MO embryos display persistent Laminin staining at the choroid fissure, indicating a coloboma phenotype (G,H). The increase in observed coloboma frequency is statistically significant (NNN, p<0.0036, Fisher′s Exact) when compared with wild type or embryos injected singly with Sfrp MOs (J).

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