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Figures for Gabor et al., 2013

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Fig. 1

Cav-1b colocalizes with the zebrafish homolog of IFN-R and is positively correlated.

ZFL cells (ne10) were transfected with Cav-1b-PAmCherry (red) and with CRFB1-dendra2 (green). For all images, 60×/1.2 NA magnification. Scale bars, 1 μm. Shown is the plasma membrane of one cell representative of the experiment (A) and a magnification (B) of the region marked by the white box in A. The image shows that Cav-1b and CRFB1 colocalize in the cell membrane. (C) Measurements of Cav-1b and CRFB1 show a positive pair correlation value g(r) greater than one, confirming that the two species are colocalized together. Pair correlation calculations were performed as described in Methods; briefly, g(r) >1 indicates positive correlation/clustering, and g(r) = 1 indicates a random distribution. (D) Pair correlation measurements of CRFB1 were calculated for the receptor, control morpholino (MO), and Cav-1b MO. CRFB1 is more prone to random distribution when Cav-1b is knocked down. Error bars SEM (n e8 cells).

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