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Figures for Li et al., 2013

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Fig. 8 Gpr125-Cherry and Dvl-GFP colocalize during gastrulation (10 hpf). (A-A′) Dorsal views of a gastrula injected with 50 pg gpr125-Cherry and 150 pg mEGFP RNA. Broken white lines outline the notochord. (B-C′) Whole-mount immunostaining for endogenous Vangl2 and β-catenin in wild-type (B) or MZvang/trivu67/vu67 gastrulae (C-C′). (D-F′) Dorsal mesoderm of gastrulae co-injected with 150 pg mEGFP and 300 pg gpr125-Cherry RNA (D-D′), 150 pg dvl-GFP and 50 pg mCherry RNA (E-E′), or 150 pg dvl-GFP RNA and 300 pg gpr125-Cherry RNA (F-F′), and immunostained for GFP, RFP and Vangl2.

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