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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-130625-28
Figures for Schmid et al., 2013

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S6 Ultrastructural morphology of myocytes in tardbp-/-;tardbpl-/- mutants analyzed by EM and early lethality. (A) Skeletal muscles of a wild-type embryo display an ordered array of myofibrils surrounded by a highly ordered network of sarcoplasmic reticulum (here shown in cross-sections). Each of the myofibrils is clearly separated by a string of sarcoplasmic reticulum. (B) Skeletal muscle of a tardbp-/-;tardbpl-/- mutant embryo shows a highly disorganized pattern of thinner myofibrils with disorganized network of sarcoplasmic reticulum at 2 dpf.. (Scale bars, 2 μm.) n = nucleus. (C) Kaplan–Meier plot of wild-type (green) and tardbp-/-;tardbpl-/- mutant (purple) embryos. All tardbp-/-;tardbpl-/- mutant embryos analyzed were dead by 8 dpf (n = 20), whereas all wildtype embryos were alive (n = 20).

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