Figures for Villegas et al., 2012

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Fig. S5 Within an axon segment, synchronicity of degeneration is variable.A. Fragmentation was synchronous within the span of axon segment shown. The axon segment was continuous at time 0 (left), and two minutes later was completely fragmented (right, arrows). Times are relative to the first image in each set. Fish is the same as that shown in Additional File 3A, distal. B. The axon segment shown underwent synchronous beading (white arrows, t = 2′), but fragmentation (red arrows) began at the distal end (t = 6′). Approximately 20 minutes elapsed before the fragmentation advanced towards the proximal end (left in these images), but progression of fragmentation along the remaining segment was rapid. In all images, right is more distal to the site of transection than left. Fish is the same as in Additional File 3B (distal). Scale bar, 50 μm.

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