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Figures for Dumortier et al., 2012

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Fig. 3 E-cadherin, Dsh/PCP, and Rac1 are required for cell orientation. Cells injected with Lifeact-mCherry RNAs and a control morpholino (A and B), E-cadherin morpholino (C and D), DshDep+ RNAs (E and F), or DN-Rac1 RNAs (G and H) were transplanted from shield to shield in Tg(gsc:GFP) embryos. Transplanted cells are within the prechordal plate (assessed by GFP expression), and contour of the plate is delineated (white line) when visible in the frame. Orientations of their cytoplasmic extensions were measured relative to the animal pole and plotted as histograms (B, D, F, and H) or cumulative plot (J). Frequencies of cytoplasmic extensions are also plotted (I).

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