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Figures for Dumortier et al., 2012

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Fig. S3 Role of RhoA and Cdc42 on cytoplasmic extensions orientation. Cells injected with RNAs encoding Lifeact-mCherry and DN-RhoA (A and B) or DN-Cdc42 (D and E) were transplanted from shield to shield, in Tg(gsc:GFP) embryos. Transplanted cells are within the prechordal plate (assessed by GFP expression), and contour of the plate is delineated (white line). Orientations of their cytoplasmic extensions were measured relative to the animal pole and plotted as histograms (B and E) or cumulative plot (F). Frequencies of cytoplasmic extensions are plotted in C. No difference could be observed between control cells and cells expressing DN-Cdc42 (P = 0.84, Kolmogorov–Smirnov test; n = 537 and n = 269 extensions). Expression of DN-RhoA affected the distribution of extension orientations (P = 6.105, Kolmogorov–Smirnov test; n = 537 and n = 524 extensions), even though it did not affect the average orientation (P = 0.35, Student t test). Animal pole is to the left in A and D.

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