Fig. S2

Figures for Breau et al., 2012
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Fig. S2 Failure of fusion in Cxcr7b morphants reveals the dynamic behaviour of SPCs. (A) hmx3 expression at 28 hpf, showing the split phenotype observed in 10% of Cxcr7b Mo-injected embryos. (B) Images from a time-lapse sequence performed from 26s on a cldnb:lyngfp embryo injected with Cxcr7b Mo, showing changes in the shape of the SPC cluster and their protrusive activity in all directions. The migration of the main primordium is delayed but it eventually catches up the SPC cluster (supplementary material Movie 3). (C) Images from a time-lapse performed from 20s onward on another Cxcr7b morphant (supplementary material Movie 4). In both movies, no net forward or backward migration of the SPCs is observed. Scale bars: 25 μm.

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