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Figures for Breau et al., 2012
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Fig. 5 Fgf signalling attracts SPCs towards the primordium. (A) SPC frequency in hsp70:dn-fgfr1 embryos, heat-shocked at 16s and fixed at 24s, compared with heat-shocked siblings. **P=0.008. (B) Average distances covered by the tip of the main primordium (red) and SPCs (blue) in hsp70:dn-fgfr1 embryos (n=94) and control siblings (n=87) at 24s. See also supplementary material Fig. S3 and Materials and methods. *P=0.034, ns, non significant (P=0.13). (C) Tracking of SPCs and primordium tip cells in two SU5402-treated embryos (supplementary material Movie 6). Dots show initial positions of tracked cells in a and b. c and d show intermediate time points and e-h show final time points. (D) SPC frequency in embryos injected with control or Cxcr4b morpholinos in hsp70:dn-fgfr1 embryos and heat-shocked siblings. Embryos were heat-shocked at 16s and fixed at 24s. *P<0.05, **P<0.01 (ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test). Error bars represent s.e.m.

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