Fig. S2

Figures for Caron et al., 2012
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Fig. S2 Genes participating in the Wnt-catenin pathway are expressed in KV. (A) charon expression in KV. (B-H) Components of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway are expressed within or near KV. Shown are lateral views (A-C) and dorsal views (D-H) of the tail bud region of 10-somite staged embryos. (I-N) Two-color fluorescence in situ hybridization showed a partial overlapping of wnt3a or wnt8a (red) and charon (green). Shown are the tail bud regions of 10-somite staged embryos. (O-R) Fzd10 is not part of the Wnt/PCP pathway. Injection of 4 ng of fzd10 MO into one-cell staged embryos did not elicit defects in somite formation (P) and convergent extension movement as revealed by ntl, hgg1 and dlx3 in situ staining (R).

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