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Figures for Phillips et al., 2011

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S2 ush1c mRNA is reduced in ush1cfh293 homozygous mutant tissues. (A-D) 5′ ush1c riboprobe expression in the ear (A,B) and gut (C,D) of 5 dpf whole larvae. Specific ear expression is undetectable in mutants, but some residual transcript remains in the gut tissue. (E-F) Anti-zebrafish harmonin antibody labeling (red) is abundant in sectioned 5 dpf gut tissue of a wild-type sibling, but undetectable in an ush1c mutant on the same slide. Gut autofluorescence is shown in green to indicate gut tissue morphology. Scale bars: 50 μm, A-D; 100 μm, E,F.

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