Figures for Schumacher et al., 2011

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Fig. 4 Levels of P-Smad1/5 correlate with the strength of NCPC phenotype in smad5 morphant embryos.

(A) P-Smad1/5 levels in smad5 morphant embryos. Embryos injected with increasing higher concentrations of smad5 MOs show decreasing P-Smad1/5 levels relative to uninjected controls. Actin was used as a loading control. (B, C) Expression of foxd3 in embryos injected with increasing doses of smad5 MOs. Injection of a low dose of smad5 MOs (3 ng) leads to WT, “snh” and “sbn” phenotypes, whereas injection of higher doses of smad5 MOs (5 ng, 6 ng) lead to “sbn” and “swr” phenotypes. The embryos used for in situ hybridization of foxd3 in Fig. 4B are from the same batch of injected embryos used for Western blotting in Fig. 4A.

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