Figures for Schumacher et al., 2011

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Fig. 2 Reduction of BMP signaling in wild-type embryos causes expansion or loss of NCPC in dosage-sensitive manner.

foxd3 expression in chd mRNA injected embryos (A) and smad5 MO injected embryos (B) at the end of gastrulation. (A) Injection of a low dose of chordin mRNA (50 pg) generates weaker NCPC phenotypes (WT = normal or very mild expansion, “snh” = moderate expansion), whereas a high dose (200 pg) leads to strong phenotypes (“sbn” = large expansion, or “swr” = loss). (B) Injection of a low 2.5 ng dose of smad5 MO leads to “snh” and “sbn” phenotypes. Injection of a high 4 ng dose of smad5 MO leads to “sbn” and “swr” phenotypes exclusively.

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