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Figures for Diz-Munoz et al., 2010

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S1 ERM-deficient embryos show reduced convergence and extension movements during gastrulation. (A) Quantification of prechordal plate width-to-length ratio (normalized to wt) in embryos expressing either GPI-RFP and Lifeact-GFP alone (control) or together with DNEzrin (250 pg), DNEzrin (500 pg), or ezrin-MO (4 ng) at the bud stage (10 hpf) stained for notail (ntl) marking the notochord, distal-less homeobox 3 (dlx3) marking the anterior edge of the neural plate, and hatching gland gene-1 (hgg1) marking the prechordal plate. (B) Quantification of notochord length (normalized to wt) of control and experimental embryos. p-values were calculated using t test. Pictures are representative examples of wt and morphant embryos stained in situ. For methods see Text S1.

Figure Data:
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