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Figures for Stewart et al., 2009

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Fig. S4 Whole mount and longitudinal sections of in situ hybridization on 48 hpa regenerating caudal fins (a–h) a, eed b, ezh2 c, suz12 d, fgf20a e, lef1 f, msxb. Longitudinal sections from the same fin are shown in the Right. The epidermis (e) and mesenchyme (m) are indicated in each panel. (g) Upregulation of Polycomb genes during regeneration. The expression of eed, ezh1, ezh2, and suz12 were examined in non-regenerating and regenerating (48 hpa) caudal by qPCR from caudal fin cDNA from two cohorts of animals. Expression levels were first normalized to ribosomal protein L18 expression. The fold change was calculated by dividing regenerating levels by non-regenerating expression levels for each gene examined. Error bars indicate the deviation from the mean. Similar data were obtained in at least three independent experiments.

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