Figures for Gonzalez-Quevedo et al., 2010

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Fig. 2 Blocking FGFR Activation Results in Proneural Gene Expression and Differentiating Neurons in Segment Centers
In situ hybridization of 40 hpf zebrafish to detect proneural gene expression (neurog1, dld, dla; [A–F] and [A′–F′]) or differentiating neurons (neurod4; [G and H and G′ and H′]) in either wild-type (wt) or dominant-negative fgfr1 embryos (Tg(hsp70l:dnfgfr1-EGFP)). Heat shock was started at the 22 somite stage. Black arrowheads indicate segment centers; red arrowheads indicate ectopic neurogenesis. (A–H) Scale bar, 50 μm. (A′–H′) Higher-power view of images in (A)–(H); scale bar, 25 μm. Dashed line, midline. See also Figure S1.

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