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Figures for Norden et al., 2009

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S3 A) Images from Movie 10. GFP-Utr-CH disappears from the basal process of cells just before mitosis and cytokinesis (arrows moving up). It quickly reappears after cell division (arrows moving down).

B) Non-activatable Myosin is labelled by MRLC2T18AS19A-GFP. Nuclei are labelled by H2B-RFP.
No dot like accumulations basal of nuclei can be observed.

C) Co-labelling of MRLC2T18DS19D-GFP for constitutively activated Myosin and RFP-Utr-CH for filamentous actin shows that localizations overlap (merge). Arrows show basal accumulation of activated myosin with actin accumulations.

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