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Figures for Norden et al., 2009

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Fig. 6 Actomyosin Is Active Basal to Apically Migrating Nuclei in the Retinal Neuroepithelium

(A) Confocal image three-dimensional reconstruction of GFP-Utr-CH labeling filamentous actin and H2B-RFP labeling nuclei. GFP-Utr-CH is seen at adhesion sites and plasma membranes. Arrows label prominent actin accumulation basal to nuclei.

(B) Images from Movie S14. Nuclei are labeled by H2B-RFP. After photoactivation of PaGFP-Utr-CH, it distributes more notably to the basal side of the plasma membrane beneath nucleus (arrowheads). Stable accumulations are seen basally of nucleus (arrow).

(C) Antibody staining with Phospho-Myosin Light Chain 2 antibodies for activated MyosinII (green) and plus DAPI (blue). Arrows mark basal accumulations of activated MyosinII.

(D) Images from Movie S15. Constitutively activated Myosin Light Chain is labeled by MRLC2T18DS19D-GFP. Nuclei are labeled by H2B-RFP. Pink dot labels nucleus that migrates apically. Arrows label activated Myosin Light Chain dots that move apically basal of the nucleus.

Scale bars represent 10 μm.

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