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Figures for Norden et al., 2009

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Fig. 2 An Oriented Microtubule Cage Surrounds the Nuclei of Retinal Neuroepthelial Cells

(A) MTs labeled with EMTB-GFP span the whole epithelium (a) and surround nuclei labeled by H2B RFP (b). A Three-dimensional reconstruction of MTs that envelope a nucleus is shown (c).

(B) Ultrastructure of MTs in interphase close to the nuclear membrane. MTs are labeled by arrows.

(C) EB3-GFP as a marker for polymerizing MT tips. Dots at the end of lines mark the last position of EB3-comets followed over time.

(D) Centrin dots marked by Centrin2-GFP stay in apical positions throughout the movie. H2B-RFP marks nuclei.

(E) Antibody staining of stable (acetylated) Tubulin (green) (a) versus α-tubulin (red) (b). A merge of (a) and (b) is shown in (c). DAPI (blue) counterstaining shows epithelial morphology (d). Arrows label dynamic spindle structures, arrowheads label stable spindle pole centrosomes, and asterisks label stable basal bodies.

Scale bars represent 10 μm.

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