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Figures for Norden et al., 2009

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Fig. 1 Statistical Analysis Reveals Stochastic and Directed Components of IKNM

(A) Schematic illustrating measurement of nuclear position (distance from the basal lamina). Raw data and corresponding measurements (black lines) are shown for two example time points.

(B) Trajectory (dots) and trend (moving average, line) of a single nucleus (shown in A) exhibiting distinct classes of motion are shown (a), corresponding instantaneous velocity series (thin line) with moving average (thick line) (b), and automated identification of transient periods of rapid persistent movement (red) in a background of stochastic movement (black) (c).

(C) Velocity distribution of pooled nuclear movements in control embryos (curves show nonparametric density estimates scaled in proportion to the number of nuclear displacements representing the motion type, persistent motion curves are enlarged by a factor of ten).

(D) Stochastic motion velocity distribution for pooled nuclear movement in control embryos with a normal fit.

(E) Stochastic motion mean squared displacement (MSD) profile (error bars show 95% confidence interval) with linear fit for pooled control nuclei.

(F) Premitotic persistent apical motion MSD profile (error bars show 95% confidence interval) with parabolic fit for pooled control nuclei.

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