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Figures for Viktorin et al., 2009

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Fig. 8 emx3 is required cell-autonomously for atoh2b and emx1 expression. A,B: tp53 morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (MO) and Alexa555-dextran-injected donor cells (A,B, yellow dotted line), but not emx3MO plus tp53MO injected host cells, express atoh2b (B) in chimeric embryos. tp53MO cells were co-injected with Alexa555-dextran and transplanted into emx3MO injected host embryos. C: Ectopic expression of emx3:GFP fusion (brown), under the control of hsp70l promoter, induces ectopic expression of emx1 (blue) in a cell-autonomous manner. White dotted lines outline olfactory placode borders and telencephalon midline. op, olfactory placode; t, telencephalon. (A,B) Frontal views, dorsal to the top; (C) dorsal view, rostral to the left; (A,B) 24 hr, (C) 20 hr. Scale bar = 50 μm.

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