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Figures for Ochi et al., 2009

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Fig. S6 myogenin, mef2ca and pax7 are downstream targets of Lbx2. (A-C) Expression of myogenin (A), mef2ca (B) and pax7 (C) in control (ctrl), lbx2-MO injected embryos and lbx2 mRNA injected embryos. The expression of myogenin (A) and mef2ca (B) are suppressed by overexpression of lbx2 mRNA. In contrast, expression of pax7 is suppressed by lbx2-MO (C). myogenin (A, ctrl: 14/14 with normal expression, lbx2-MO: 13/15, lbx2-mRNA: 0/18), mef2ca (B, ctrl: 11/11, lbx2-MO: 4/5, lbx2-mRNA: 0/8), pax7 (D, ctrl: 7/7, lbx2-MO: 0/14, lbx2-mRNA: 13/13). (A-F) Whole mounts, lateral views, rostral toward the left, dorsal toward the top. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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