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Figures for Huang et al., 2003

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Fig. 4 Intervessel pruning. Following plexus remodeling, the proximal regenerate undergoes intervessel pruning. In 5-dpa (A) and 11-dpa (B) TG(fli1:EGFP)y1 regenerates, the number of intervessel commissures in the regenerate (yellow arrowheads) is significantly higher than in the stump (white arrowheads) or in the normal fin (C). The yellow double-headed arrow delineates the plexus. (D) Intervessel commissure density in a regenerating fin. Intervessel commissures reach a maximal density at 5 dpa (30 commissures/mm) and are gradually pruned back to the density of a normal fin (∼10 commissures/mm, 0 dpa). Scale bar, 200 μm.

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