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Fig. 4 Expression pattern of adipoR genes during zebrafish development. Whole mount in situ hybridization of adipoR1-A (A-H), adipoR1-B (I-L), and adipoR2 (M-T). adipoR1-A is first detected at 36 hpf in the otic vesicle (arrowhead in A) and persists until 48 hpf (B,C). At this developmental stage, adipoR-1A is also detected in the inner nuclear layer of the retina (B, D), around and near the mouth (E), in the pharyngeal region (arrow in E), and in the notochord (F). At 72 hpf, adipoR1-A is present in the liver (arrowhead in G) and in the digestive tract (arrow in G, H). adipoR1-B expression is detected in the pharyngeal region (arrows) at 48 hpf (I) and 60 hpf (J, L). At 60 hpf, adipoR1-B transcripts are also detected in the mouth and in cells near the mouth (arrowhead) (K). adipoR2 is first detected at 24 hpf (arrow in M and N) and in the lens (arrowhead in N). No signal is detected using the adipoR2 sense probe (O). At 36 and 48 hpf, expression remains in the lens and in the pharyngeal region (arrowheads and arrows in P-R). At 60 hpf, expression is solely observed in the lens (S,T). l, lens; m, mouth; n, notochord; ov, otic vesicle. F, G, I, J, M-P: Lateral views; K: ventral view; A, B, Q, S: dorsal views; C, D, E, H, L, R, T: transverse sections.

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