Figures for Slanchev et al., 2005

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 1 dead end MO-injected embryos develop into sterile adult male fish. (A) Fluorescent images of 24-hpf embryos injected with 200 pg of control antisense MO or dnd MO and GFP-nos1 3′-UTR to visualize the PGCs. The red arrow indicates the germ cells in control embryos, and the blue arrow indicates the region where the PGC are normally found. (B) Adult AB fish (6 months old) developed from control (Left) or dnd MO-injected (Right) embryos. Insets are magnifications of the male and female fins showing the typical sexually dimorphic pigmentation. (C) A quantitative analysis of the female/male ratio. (D) Dissected gonads from 180-day-old control and dnd MO-treated fish. Red arrows indicate ovary (O) or testis (T) in the control fish. The blue arrow indicates the region of the gonad in a phenotypically appearing male fish developed from a dnd MO-injected embryo.

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