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Figures for Kanki et al., 2000

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Fig. 2 Epiphysial neurons extend axons ventrally when transplanted to ectopic sites in the brain. (A) Micrograph showing a live, FITC–dextran-labeled donor (left) and a live, unlabeled host (right) embryo at 24 hpf in which epiphysial neurons (arrow) had been isochronically transplanted at 20 hpf. Inset shows an enlargement of the labeled transplanted cells. Anterior is up; T marks the tectum. (B) A dorsal view of the tectum in another 24 hpf embryo showing that epiphysial neurons project growth cones (arrow) that extend ventrally when transplanted into the tectum 4 h earlier. Here all donor cells are marked brown by labeling them with an antibody against FITC–dextran. Many of the transplanted cells (some marked with an asterisk) that do not extend axons are presumably nonneuronal cells that were transplanted along with the epiphysial cells. Arrowheads denote the dorsal midline of the tectum and E the eye. Scale is 150 μm in A and 30 μm in B.

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