ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-070806-1
Genomic Feature: s878Tg
Synonyms: Tg(cmlc2:gCaMP)s878 (1), Tg(myl7:GgMylk-cpEGFP-RnCalm2)s878 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(myl7:GCaMP) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Stainier Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources:
MUTATION DETAILSNo data available
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
Comment Citation
A fluorescent calcium sensor is expressed in the heart. ZFIN Staff
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Complex s878Tg
erbb2st61/st61; s878Tg erbb2
gja3s226/s226; s878Tg gja3
hnf1bas917/s917; s878Tg hnf1ba
kcnh6as213/s213; s878Tg kcnh6a
kcnh6as290/s290; s878Tg kcnh6a
tnnt2ab109/b109; s878Tg tnnt2a
ddls275/s275; s878Tg ddl
ddls563/s563; s878Tg ddl
gja3s215/s215; s878Tg gja3
foxn4s644/s644; s878Tg foxn4
gja3s226/s226; tnnt2ab109/b109; s878Tg gja3, tnnt2a
Unknown s878Tg Unknown