ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-060821-4
Genomic Feature: y7Tg
Synonyms: Tg(fli1:nEGFP) , Tg(fli1:nEGFP)y7 (1), y7
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(fli1:nEGFP)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Weinstein Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Heterozygous y7Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
Complex acvrl1ft09e/ft09e; y7Tg acvrl1
acvrl1y6/y6; y7Tg acvrl1
cadhu10125/hu10125; y7Tg cad
dzip1fo10a/fo10a; y7Tg dzip1
flt4hu4602/+; y7Tg flt4
flt4hu4602/hu4602; y7Tg flt4
krit1t26458/t26458; y7Tg krit1
mafbauq4bh/uq4bh; y7Tg mafba
mib1m178/m178; y7Tg mib1
mttpy79/y79; y7Tg mttp
tnnt2atc300b/tc300b ; y7Tg tnnt2a
y7Tg ; pdgfrask16/sk16 pdgfra
egfl6zf774/zf774 ; y7Tg egfl6
hhexs722/s722 ; y7Tg hhex
stat4zf2070/zf2070 ; y7Tg stat4
y7Tg ; flt1ka601/ka601 flt1
ci5Tg; y7Tg
f2Tg; y7Tg
fb7Tg/fb7Tg ; y7Tg
fb7Tg; y7Tg
fr13Tg; y7Tg
hsc5Tg ; y7Tg
hu5333Tg; y7Tg
ia5Tg; y7Tg
is19Tg; y7Tg
is5Tg; y7Tg
mu240Tg ; y7Tg
nim5Tg; y7Tg
nz101Tg; y7Tg
pt504Tg ; y7Tg
pt505Tg; y7Tg
pt516Tg; y7Tg
s896Tg; y7Tg
s916Tg; y7Tg
sd12Tg; y7Tg (AB)
sd2Tg ; y7Tg
kdruq38bh/+ ; y7Tg kdr
nova2uq14bh/uq14bh ; y7Tg nova2
y7Tg ; hhexs721/s721 hhex
y7Tg ; isl2aca20/ca20 isl2a
y7Tg ; kdruq38bh/uq38bh kdr
y7Tg ; nova2uq14bh/+ nova2
y7Tg ; nova2uq14bh nova2
fbn2bte382a/te382a; pku300te382b/te382b; y7Tg fbn2b, pku300
mib1m178/m178; plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; y7Tg mib1, plxnd1
acvrl1y6/y6; pt505Tg; y7Tg acvrl1
cxcl12at30516/t30516; hu5333Tg; y7Tg cxcl12a
mafbauq4bh/uq4bh; nz101Tg; y7Tg mafba
vegfchu5055/hu5055 ; y7Tg ; nz101Tg vegfc
y7Tg ; flt4hu4602/hu4602 ; nz101Tg flt4
y7Tg ; nz101Tg ; flt4hu4602/+ flt4
y7Tg ; nz101Tg ; vegfchu5055/+ vegfc
cxcr4aum20/um20; hu5333Tg; y7Tg cxcr4a
vegfduq9bh/+; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfd
vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfd
y7Tg ; mu240Tg ; engmu130/mu130 eng
y7Tg ; s916Tg ; flt1ka601/ka601 flt1
flt4hu4602/+; kdruq38bh/+; y7Tg flt4, kdr
flt4hu4602/hu4602; kdruq38bh/uq38bh; y7Tg flt4, kdr
hu5333Tg ; y7Tg ; mu240Tg
hu5333Tg; mu5Tg; y7Tg
kca4Tg; uq1bhTg; y7Tg
nim5Tg; uq2bhTg; y7Tg
nim5Tg; w33Tg; y7Tg
nova2uq14bh/uq14bh ; nz101Tg ; y7Tg nova2
nz101Tg ; kdruq38bh/+ ; y7Tg kdr
nz101Tg ; y7Tg ; nova2uq14bh/+ nova2
y7Tg ; kdruq38bh/uq38bh ; nz101Tg kdr
vegfchu5055/+; vegfduq9bh/+; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/+; vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/hu5055; vegfduq9bh/+; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/hu5055; vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; nz101Tg; y7Tg vegfc, vegfd
cxcl12at30516/t30516; hu5333Tg; mu5Tg; y7Tg cxcl12a
mafbauq4bh/uq4bh; nim5Tg; uq2bhTg; y7Tg/y7Tg mafba
hu5333Tg ; y7Tg ; mu240Tg ; engmu130/mu130 eng
flt4hu4602/+; kdruq38bh/uq38bh; nz101Tg; y7Tg flt4, kdr
flt4hu4602/hu4602; kdruq38bh/+; nz101Tg; y7Tg flt4, kdr
kdruq38bh/uq38bh ; flt4hu4602/hu4602 ; y7Tg ; nz101Tg flt4, kdr
nz101Tg ; kdruq38bh/+ ; flt4hu4602/+ ; y7Tg flt4, kdr
y7Tg ; isl2aca21/ca21 isl2a
isl2aca21/ca21; ci5Tg; y7Tg isl2a
Unknown y7Tg Unknown
y7Tg (AB) Unknown