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Orban Lab
PI/Director: Orban, Laszlo
Contact Person: Orban, Laszlo
Email: laszlo@tll.org.sg
URL: http://www.tll.org.sg/laszlo.asp
Address: Reproductive Genomics Group Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory The National University of Singapore 1 Research Link Singapore, 117 604 Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: 65-6872-7413
Fax: 65-6872-7007
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•Genetic regulation of gonad development and early gonad differentiation in fish.
•Molecular basis of genetic and environmental sex determination in fish.

Chang, Alex (Kuok Weai) Graduate Student Liew, Woei Chang Graduate Student Sorowar Hossein, Mohammad Graduate Student
Barabitskaya, Oxana Research Staff Kwan, Xiao Yuen Research Staff Saju, Jolly M. Research Staff
Sreenivasan, Rajini Research Staff Lim, Zijie Lin, Qifeng
May, Natascha

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