OBO ID: GO:0000165
Term Name: MAPK cascade Search Ontology:
  • ERK/MAPK cascade
  • MAP kinase cascade
  • MAP kinase kinase kinase cascade
  • MAPK signal transduction
  • MAPK signaling
  • MAPK signalling
  • MAPKKK cascade
  • MAPKKK cascade during sporulation
  • mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade
Definition: An intracellular protein kinase cascade containing at least a MAPK, a MAPKK and a MAP3K. The cascade can also contain an additional tiers: the upstream MAP4K. The kinases in each tier phosphorylate and activate the kinase in the downstream tier to transmit a signal within a cell. (2)
Ontology: GO: Biological Process   QuickGO   AmiGO
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