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Publication Data Fish Stage Range Anatomy
Imai et al., 2012 Fig. 2 75%-epiboly to 10-13 somites anterior axial hypoblast, axial hypoblast, immature eye, neural tube
Fig. 3 20-25 somites to Prim-5 cerebellum, diencephalon, forebrain, hindbrain (all 17) expand
Fig. 4 Long-pec to Protruding-mouth cerebellum, dorsal telencephalon, optic tectum, tegmentum
Fig. 5 Protruding-mouth cerebellum, dorsal telencephalon, hindbrain, optic tectum
Thisse et al., 2004 Fig. 1 20-25 somites to Prim-5 unspecified
Fig. 2 Prim-15 to Prim-25 unspecified
Fig. 3 High-pec to Long-pec unspecified
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