ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-001220-14

Figure Caption/Comments:

Image description by: Tanya Whitfield

Anatomical structures shown: hair cell polarity patterns in the day 5 posterior macula

Stage: 5 d

Genetic (background) strain: none given

Genotype: wild-type

Animal state: fixed

Labeling: FITC-phalloidin (green); anti-acetylated tubulin (red)

Description: Polarity patterns of hair cells in a day 5 posterior macula. At this stage there are two regions of different orientation. In the slim anterior projection, hair cells are arranged in an antiparallel fashion, with dorsally-located hair cells pointing posteriorly and ventrally-located hair cells pointing anteriorly. In the rounded posterior region, hair cells point away from a midline separating dorsal and ventral halves; dorsal cells point dorsally and ventral cells point ventrally.

Publication containing this image: Adapted from Haddon et al., 1999.

Figure Data:
Developmental Stage:
1-cell to Adult
Preparation Image Form View Direction
whole-mount still parasagittal anterior to left