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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-081212-4
Genomic Feature: s896Tg
Synonyms: Tg(flk1:ras-cherry) (1), Tg(kdrl:HRAS-mCherry)s896 (1), Tg(kdrl:HsHRAS-mCherry)s896 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(kdrl:Hsa.HRAS-mCherry) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Stainier Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILSNo data available
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
OTHER s896Tg PAGESNo links to external sites
Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Complex adgra2s984/s984 ; s896Tg ; ia4Tg adgra2
ba2Tg ; s896Tg
cz3339Tg ; s896Tg
fb14Tg ; s896Tg
gpr183aioz9/ioz9 ; s896Tg ; ioz1Tg gpr183a
ioz1Tg ; s896Tg ; klf6aioz102/ioz102 klf6a
med12t25870/t25870 ; s896Tg med12
mir223ya304/ya304 ; s896Tg ; zf169Tg mir223
s843Tg ; s896Tg
s896Tg ; hu4624Tg
s896Tg ; i113Tg
s896Tg ; klf6aioz102/ioz102 ; la2Tg klf6a
s896Tg ; nk73aGt ; mde11Tg
s896Tg ; zf167Tg
s896Tg ; zf169Tg ; mir223ya303/ya303 mir223
sd32Tg ; hzm3Tg ; snai2sd57/+ ; s896Tg snai2
snai2sd57/sd57 ; hzm3Tg ; sd32Tg ; s896Tg snai2
ump2Tg ; s896Tg ; ump5Tg
fgf3t24152/t24152; s896Tg fgf3
lmo2vu270/vu270; s896Tg lmo2
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; s896Tg (EKW) plxnd1
recky72/y72 ; s896Tg reck
egfl7s981/s981; s896Tg egfl7
s896Tg ; id4bns18/bns18 id4
e112Tg; s896Tg
hkz08tTg; s896Tg
ia4Tg; s896Tg
ioz1Tg; s896Tg
knu3Tg; s896Tg
la2Tg; s896Tg
la3Tg; s896Tg
la781Tg; s896Tg
lri500Tg; s896Tg
mu122Tg ; s896Tg
pd1Tg; s896Tg
rw015aTg; s896Tg
rw0Tg; s896Tg
s1010Tg; s896Tg
s883Tg; s896Tg
s896Tg ; fb7Tg
s896Tg; s994Tg
s896Tg; twu26Tg
s896Tg; ubs1Tg
s896Tg; um14Tg
s896Tg; wz01Tg
s896Tg; y1Tg
s896Tg; y7Tg
s896Tg; zf169Tg
s896Tg; zf44Tg
mitfaw2/w2 ; s896Tg ; mpv17b18/b18 mitfa, mpv17
s896Tg ; tardbpmde198/mde198 ; tardbplmde159/mde159 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
s896Tg ; tardbpmde897/mde897 ; tardbplmde159/mde159 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
s896Tg ; tardbpmde909/mde909 ; tardbplmde114/mde114 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
s896Tg ; tardbpmde909/mde909 ; tardbplmde222/mde222 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
s896Tg ; tardbpmde948/mde948 ; tardbplmde114/mde114 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
s896Tg ; tardbpmde948/mde948 ; tardbplmde159/mde159 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde150/mde150 ; tardbplmde114/mde114 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde198/mde198 ; tardbplmde222/mde222 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde201/mde201 ; s896Tg ; tardbplmde114/mde114 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde201/mde201 ; s896Tg ; tardbplmde222/mde222 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde897/mde897 ; tardbplmde222/mde222 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde909/mde909 ; s896Tg ; tardbplmde159/mde159 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbpmde948/mde948 ; tardbplmde222/mde222 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbplmde114/mde114 ; tardbpmde198/mde198 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbplmde114/mde114 ; tardbpmde897/mde897 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbplmde159/mde159 ; s896Tg ; tardbpmde150/mde150 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbplmde159/mde159 ; tardbpmde201/mde201 ; s896Tg (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
tardbplmde222/mde222 ; s896Tg ; tardbpmde150/mde150 (AB) tardbp, tardbpl
adgra2w192/w192; ia4Tg; s896Tg adgra2
ccbe1hu3613/hu3613; s896Tg; y1Tg ccbe1
flt4hu4602/hu4602; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4
gmpss850/s850; s896Tg; um14Tg gmps
nkx2.5vu179/vu179 ; s896Tg ; fb7Tg nkx2.5
recky72/y72 ; s896Tg ; ia4Tg reck
recky72/y72 ; y1Tg ; s896Tg reck
s896Tg ; recky72/y72 ; ubs1Tg reck
vegfchu5055/hu5055; s896Tg; y1Tg vegfc
fb7Tg ; s896Tg ; tcf21sk1/sk1 tcf21
ifngr1s987/s987; la2Tg; s896Tg ifngr1
hzm3Tg; s896Tg; sd32Tg
la2Tg; s896Tg; s994Tg
s896Tg; vu157Tg; vu271Tg
bloc1s2ioz8/ioz8; s896Tg; zf169Tg bloc1s2
foxn4s644/s644; s883Tg; s896Tg foxn4
ifngr1s986/s986; la2Tg; s896Tg ifngr1
flt4hu4602/+; vegfchu5055/+; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4, vegfc
s896Tg ; fb7Tg ; tcf21sk1/sk1 ; nkx2.5vu179/vu179 nkx2.5, tcf21
tet2mk17/mk17 ; s896Tg ; tet3mk18/mk18 ; mu122Tg tet2, tet3
lmo2vu270/vu270; s896Tg; vu157Tg; vu271Tg lmo2
adgra2s984/s984; s1010Tg; s896Tg adgra2
adgra2s984/s984; s896Tg; ubs1Tg adgra2
adgra2w192/+; adgra2s984/+; ia4Tg; s896Tg adgra2
Unknown s896Tg Unknown