ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-081212-4
Genomic Feature: s896Tg
Synonyms: Tg(flk1:ras-cherry) (1), Tg(kdrl:HRAS-mCherry)s896 (1), Tg(kdrl:HsHRAS-mCherry)s896 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(kdrl:Hsa.HRAS-mCherry) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Stainier Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Complex fgf3t24152/t24152; s896Tg fgf3
lmo2vu270/vu270; s896Tg lmo2
med12t25870/t25870 ; s896Tg med12
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; s896Tg (EKW) plxnd1
recky72/y72 ; s896Tg reck
mfsd2aahm37/+; s896Tg mfsd2aa
mfsd2aahm37/hm37; s896Tg mfsd2aa
s896Tg ; id4bns18/bns18 id4
ba2Tg ; s896Tg
cz3339Tg ; s896Tg
e112Tg; s896Tg
fb14Tg ; s896Tg
hkz04tTg; s896Tg
hkz08tTg; s896Tg
i114Tg; s896Tg
ia4Tg; s896Tg
ioz1Tg; s896Tg
knu3Tg; s896Tg
la2Tg; s896Tg
la3Tg; s896Tg
la781Tg; s896Tg
lri500Tg; s896Tg
mu122Tg ; s896Tg
nc1Tg; s896Tg
pd1Tg; s896Tg
rw015aTg; s896Tg
rw0Tg; s896Tg
s1010Tg; s896Tg
s843Tg ; s896Tg
s883Tg; s896Tg
s896Tg ; fb7Tg
s896Tg ; hu4624Tg
s896Tg ; i113Tg
s896Tg ; lcr4Tg
s896Tg ; lcr5Tg
s896Tg ; zf167Tg
s896Tg; s994Tg
s896Tg; twu26Tg
s896Tg; ubs1Tg
s896Tg; um14Tg
s896Tg; wz01Tg
s896Tg; y1Tg
s896Tg; y7Tg
s896Tg; zf169Tg
s896Tg; zf44Tg
mitfaw2/w2 ; s896Tg ; mpv17b18/b18 mitfa, mpv17
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde150/mde150; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde198/mde198; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde201/mde201; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde897/mde897; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde909/mde909; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde114/mde114; tardbpbmde948/mde948; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde150/mde150; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde198/mde198; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde201/mde201; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde897/mde897; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde909/mde909; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde159/mde159; tardbpbmde948/mde948; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde150/mde150; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde198/mde198; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde201/mde201; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde897/mde897; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde909/mde909; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
tardbpamde222/mde222; tardbpbmde948/mde948; s896Tg (AB) tardbpa, tardbpb
adgra2w192/w192; ia4Tg; s896Tg adgra2
ccbe1hu3613/hu3613; s896Tg; y1Tg ccbe1
flt4hu4602/hu4602; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4
gmpss850/s850; s896Tg; um14Tg gmps
jam3bsa37/sa37; la2Tg; s896Tg jam3b
nkx2.5vu179/vu179 ; s896Tg ; fb7Tg nkx2.5
recky72/y72 ; s896Tg ; ia4Tg reck
recky72/y72 ; y1Tg ; s896Tg reck
s896Tg ; recky72/y72 ; ubs1Tg reck
vegfchu5055/hu5055; s896Tg; y1Tg vegfc
fb7Tg ; s896Tg ; tcf21sk1/sk1 tcf21
gpr183aioz9/ioz9 ; s896Tg ; ioz1Tg gpr183a
ifngr1s987/s987; la2Tg; s896Tg ifngr1
ioz1Tg ; s896Tg ; klf6aioz102/ioz102 klf6a
mir223ya304/ya304 ; s896Tg ; zf169Tg mir223
s896Tg ; klf6aioz102/ioz102 ; la2Tg klf6a
s896Tg ; zf169Tg ; mir223ya303/ya303 mir223
hzm3Tg; s896Tg; sd32Tg
la2Tg; s896Tg; s994Tg
s896Tg ; nk73aGt ; mde11Tg
s896Tg ; ubs3Tg ; mu212Tg
s896Tg; vu157Tg; vu271Tg
s957Tg ; mw43Tg ; s896Tg
ubs3Tg ; mu211Tg ; s896Tg
ump2Tg ; s896Tg ; ump5Tg
bloc1s2ioz8/ioz8; s896Tg; zf169Tg bloc1s2
foxn4s644/s644; s883Tg; s896Tg foxn4
flt4hu4602/+; vegfchu5055/+; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4, vegfc
s896Tg ; fb7Tg ; tcf21sk1/sk1 ; nkx2.5vu179/vu179 nkx2.5, tcf21
tet2mk17/mk17 ; s896Tg ; tet3mk18/mk18 ; mu122Tg tet2, tet3
lmo2vu270/vu270; s896Tg; vu157Tg; vu271Tg lmo2
sd32Tg ; hzm3Tg ; snai2sd57/+ ; s896Tg snai2
snai2sd57/sd57 ; hzm3Tg ; sd32Tg ; s896Tg snai2
egfl7s981/s981; s896Tg egfl7
adgra2s984/s984 ; s896Tg ; ia4Tg adgra2
adgra2s984/s984; s1010Tg; s896Tg adgra2
adgra2s984/s984; s896Tg; ubs1Tg adgra2
ifngr1s986/s986; la2Tg; s896Tg ifngr1
mfsd2abhm38; lri500Tg; s896Tg mfsd2ab
adgra2w192/+; adgra2s984/+; ia4Tg; s896Tg adgra2
Unknown s896Tg Unknown