ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-050916-14
Genomic Feature: s843Tg
Synonyms: CZ62 (1), s843 , Tg(kdr:EGFP) , Tg(kdr:EGFP)s843 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(kdrl:EGFP)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: DNA 
Lab Of Origin: Stainier Lab
Location: Chr: 16
Current Sources: China Zebrafish Resource Center (CZRC)    (order this)
European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous s843Tg/s843Tg ♀+/- ♂+/-
Heterozygous s843Tg/+ Unknown
s843Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
Complex actc1as434/s434; s843Tg actc1a
adgra2w192/w192; s843Tg adgra2
aplnrbs608/s608; s843Tg aplnrb
atoh8sa1465/sa1465 ; s843Tg atoh8
birc2s805/s805; s843Tg birc2
ccm2m201/m201; s843Tg ccm2
cds2zy14/zy14; s843Tg cds2
cemip2hu5935/hu5935; s843Tg cemip2
erbb2st61/st61; s843Tg erbb2
fn1akt259/kt259; s843Tg fn1a
gars1s266/s266; s843Tg gars1
gdf6as327/s327 ; s843Tg gdf6a
gja3s226/s226; s843Tg gja3
gja5bdtq270/dtq270 ; s843Tg gja5b
gspt1lcq37/cq37 ; s843Tg gspt1l
harscq34/cq34 ; s843Tg hars
krit1t26458/t26458; s843Tg krit1
krit1ty219c/ty219c ; s843Tg krit1
lmo2vu270/vu270; s843Tg lmo2
med14s231/s231; s843Tg med14
mib1ta52b/ta52b; s843Tg mib1
mitfab692/b692; s843Tg/+ mitfa
myh6s812/s812; s843Tg myh6
npas4ls5/s5; s843Tg npas4l
optnsa143/sa143; s843Tg optn
s843Tg ; chmrk10/rk10 chm
s843Tg ; cxcr4bt26035/t26035 cxcr4b
s843Tg ; gbf1tsu3994/tsu3994 gbf1
s843Tg ; gja5bt1/t1 gja5b
s843Tg ; krit1ty219c/ty219c krit1
s843Tg ; npas4ls5/+ npas4l
s843Tg ; vhlhu2081/hu2081 vhl
s843Tg ; vhlhu2117/hu2117 vhl
sars1s277/s277; s843Tg sars1
smarca4as481/s481; s843Tg smarca4a
snapc4s445/s445; s843Tg snapc4
sox32s4/s4; s843Tg sox32
sox7hu5626/+; s843Tg sox7
sox7hu5626/hu5626; s843Tg sox7
tars1cq16/cq16; s843Tg (AB) tars1
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; s843Tg tp53
ubiad1bns31131/bns31131; s843Tg ubiad1
ubiad1s587a/s587a; s843Tg ubiad1
ubiad1s847/s847; s843Tg ubiad1
ubiad1s847/s847; s843Tg ubiad1
adgra2s985/s985; s843Tg adgra2
ahr1amu153/mu153 ; s843Tg ahr1a
cdh5ubs25/ubs25 ; s843Tg cdh5
cdh5ubs8/ubs8; s843Tg cdh5
cdh5ubs8/ubs8; s843Tg cdh5
clec14aci15/ci15; s843Tg clec14a
col22a1ci16/ci16 ; s843Tg col22a1
cxcr4aum20/um20 ; s843Tg cxcr4a
egfl6zf774/zf774 ; s843Tg egfl6
fgd5aum134/um134 ; s843Tg fgd5a
flt1ka602/ka602 ; s843Tg flt1
kdrlum19/um19 ; s843Tg kdrl
mt2mu292/mu292 ; s843Tg mt2
npas4lbns59/+; s843Tg npas4l
npas4lbns59/bns59; s843Tg npas4l
nrp1ahu10012/hu10012 ; s843Tg nrp1a
s843Tg ; arhgef9bum45/um45 arhgef9b
s843Tg ; cftrscu102/+ cftr
s843Tg ; flt1ka601/+ flt1
s843Tg ; flt1ka601/ka601 flt1
s843Tg ; fmnl3um150/um150 fmnl3
s843Tg ; gspt1lcq38/cq38 gspt1l
s843Tg ; hhexs722/s722 hhex
s843Tg ; irf8st96/st96 irf8
s843Tg ; myd88xt29/xt29 myd88
s843Tg ; pdgfrbum148/um148 pdgfrb
s843Tg ; vegfaazf1090/zf1090 vegfaa
s843Tg ; vegfaazf1091/zf1091 vegfaa
sec14l8tsu36cd/tsu36cd ; s843Tg sec14l8
sema3dmu268/mu268 ; s843Tg sema3d
tgfb1bzf2126/zf2126 ; s843Tg tgfb1b
tnnt2ab109/b109; s843Tg tnnt2a
s843Tg ; pdgfrasmh1300Gt/+ pdgfra
arhgef7bf40a/f40a ; s843Tg arhgef7b
ccm2s259/s259; s843Tg ccm2
grcs635/s635; s843Tg grc
ints413/s413; s843Tg int
krit1s610/s610; s843Tg krit1
mins202/s202; s843Tg min
mtss233/s233; s843Tg mts
npas4lla1164/la1164; s843Tg npas4l
psns634/s634; s843Tg psn
qads840/s840; s843Tg qad
s843Tg ; arhgef7bf40a/+ arhgef7b
sestd1s828/s828; s843Tg sestd1
slvs887/s887; s843Tg slv
wdis631/s631; s843Tg wdi
Df(Chr01:hand2)s6/s6; s843Tg hand2
npas4lDf(Chr13:lycat)m39/m39; s843Tg klhdc3, lclat1, npas4l, slc30a10
cas001Tg; s843Tg
ck4Tg; s843Tg
fr13Tg; s843Tg
gt2Tg; s843Tg
gz4Tg; s843Tg
hkz011tTg ; s843Tg
hkz07tTg; s843Tg
hu5333Tg; s843Tg
ia49Tg ; s843Tg
la2Tg ; s843Tg
mu201Tg ; s843Tg
mu279Tg ; s843Tg
nc2aTg; s843Tg
nim5Tg; s843Tg
nz101Tg; s843Tg
s843Tg ; bns80Tg
s843Tg ; bns82Tg
s843Tg ; s896Tg
s843Tg ; uto5Tg
s843Tg ; vu504Tg
s843Tg ; xt27Tg
s843Tg ; zf1092Tg
s843Tg ; zf148Tg
s843Tg; s879Tg
s843Tg; sd21Tg
s843Tg; sd2Tg
s843Tg; ulb1Tg
s843Tg; um13Tg
s843Tg; w32Tg
s843Tg; w35Tg
s843Tg; zc57Tg
s843Tg; zf113Tg
ump2Tg ; s843Tg
vc6Tg ; s843Tg
w141Tg ; s843Tg
flt1ka605/ka605 ; s843Tg flt1
s843Tg ; flt1ka603/ka603 flt1
s843Tg ; foxc1anju19/nju19 foxc1a
e2f7hu6023/hu6023; e2f8hu6024/+; s843Tg e2f7, e2f8
e2f7hu6023/hu6023; e2f8hu6024/hu6024; s843Tg e2f7, e2f8
fbn2bte382a; pku300te382b; s843Tg fbn2b, pku300
ptenahu1864/hu1864 ; ptenbhu1435/hu1435 ; s843Tg ptena, ptenb
ptenahu1864/hu1864; ptenbhu1435/hu1435; s843Tg ptena, ptenb
vhlhu2081/+; vhlhu2117/+; s843Tg vhl
vhlhu2117/+ ; vhlhu2081/+ ; s843Tg vhl
adgra2w192/+; adgra2s985/+; s843Tg adgra2
ahr2hu3335/hu3335 ; ahr1bmu145/mu145 ; s843Tg ahr1b, ahr2
flt1ka601/ka601 ; s843Tg ; vhlhu2117/hu2117 flt1, vhl
gspt1lcq37/+ ; gspt1lcq38/+ ; s843Tg gspt1l
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; s843Tg mitfa, mpv17
npas4ls5/+; npas4lbns59/+; s843Tg npas4l
kdm6bab1308/+ ; kdm6bbb1307/b1307 ; s843Tg kdm6ba, kdm6bb
kdm6bbb1307/b1307 ; s843Tg ; kdm6bab1308/b1308 kdm6ba, kdm6bb
dnmt1s872/s872; gz4Tg; s843Tg dnmt1
gdf6as327/s327 ; s843Tg ; sd2Tg gdf6a
sd2Tg ; gbf1tsu3994/tsu3994 ; s843Tg gbf1
sox7hu5626/+; s843Tg; sd2Tg sox7
sox7hu5626/hu5626; s843Tg; sd2Tg sox7
ubiad1s587a/s587a; s843Tg; sd2Tg ubiad1
droshasfc22/+; s843Tg; sd2Tg drosha
droshasfc22/sfc22; s843Tg; sd2Tg drosha
engmu130/mu130 ; sd2Tg ; s843Tg eng
hhexs722/s722 ; nim5Tg ; s843Tg hhex
hif1abbns90/bns90; s843Tg; sd2Tg hif1ab
s843Tg ; nz101Tg ; hhexs722/s722 hhex
s843Tg ; sd2Tg ; klf6aioz102/ioz102 klf6a
s843Tg ; sd2Tg ; sec14l8tsu16/tsu16 sec14l8
sd2Tg ; s843Tg ; nrp1ahu9963/hu9963 nrp1a
sd2Tg ; s843Tg ; sec14l8tsu16/tsu16 sec14l8
sd2Tg ; sec14l8tsu16/+ ; s843Tg sec14l8
s843Tg ; arhgef7bf40a/f40a ; sd2Tg arhgef7b
s843Tg; sd2Tg tard
c264Tg ; gl24Tg ; s843Tg
c264Tg; s843Tg; zc57Tg
cas001Tg; rj5Tg; s843Tg
fr13Tg; nim5Tg; s843Tg
fr13Tg; s843Tg; um13Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; s843Tg
psi1Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
s843Tg ; km5Tg ; c264Tg
s843Tg ; uq2bhTg ; kca4Tg
s843Tg; sd2Tg; zf113Tg
s898Tg ; sd5Tg ; s843Tg
s995Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
tlv05Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
nz101Tg ; hhexs721/s721 ; s843Tg hhex
ahr1amu153/mu153 ; ahr1bmu145/mu145 ; s843Tg ; ahr2hu3335/hu3335 ahr1a, ahr1b, ahr2
cemip2hu5935/hu5935; kca4Tg; s843Tg; uq2bhTg cemip2
krit1ty219c/ty219c; md40Tg/+; mu286Tg/+; s843Tg krit1
krit1ty219c/ty219c; md40Tg/+; s843Tg; ubs3Tg/+ krit1
c264Tg ; s843Tg ; s995Tg ; bns82Tg
hu5333Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg ; s995Tg
s843Tg ; c264Tg ; gl28Tg ; nz150Tg
s843Tg ; nz101Tg ; gl25Tg ; c264Tg
s843Tg ; s995Tg ; c264Tg ; bns80Tg
c264Tg ; vegfabbns92/bns92 ; s995Tg ; s843Tg vegfab
adgra2s984/s984; s843Tg adgra2
cxcl12bmu100; s843Tg cxcl12b
egfl7s981/+; s843Tg egfl7
egfl7s981/s981; s843Tg egfl7
kalrnbum80/um80; s843Tg kalrnb
scg2aihb601/ihb601 ; s843Tg (AB) scg2a
scg2bihb603/ihb603 ; s843Tg (AB) scg2b
stab2ibl2/ibl2; s843Tg stab2
adgra2w192/+; adgra2s984/+; s843Tg adgra2
fam222bbhu10539/hu10539 ; fam222bahu10755/hu10755 ; s843Tg fam222ba, fam222bb
hif1aabns89/bns89; hif1abbns90/bns90; s843Tg hif1aa, hif1ab
hif1aabns89/bns89; s843Tg; sd2Tg hif1aa
hif1aabns89/bns89; hif1abbns90/bns90; s843Tg; ump2Tg hif1aa, hif1ab
hif1aabns89/bns89; hif1abbns90/bns90; c264Tg; gl24Tg; s843Tg hif1aa, hif1ab
scg2aihb601/ihb601 ; scg2bihb603/ihb603 ; s843Tg (AB) scg2a, scg2b
Unknown s843Tg Unknown
s843Tg (AB) Unknown