ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-130226-1
China Zebrafish Resource Center (CZRC, ZKO consortium)
PI/Director: Meng, Anming
Sun, Yong-Hua
Zhu, Zuoyan
Contact Person: Sun, Yong-Hua
Email: yhsun@ihb.ac.cn
URL: http://www.zfish.cn
Address: China Zebrafish Resource Center (CZRC) 7 Donghu South Road Wuhan 430072 China
Country: China
Phone: 86 27 6878 0235
Fax: 86 27 6878 0235
Line Designation: zko

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CZRC mainly focuses on collecting and maintaining the existing zebrafish line resources, developing new lines and technology, with the purpose to provide resource, technical and informatic support for Chinese and overseas zebrafish colleagues.

Pan, Luyuan Research Staff Li, Kuoyu Technical Staff Xie, Xunwei Technical Staff
Xiong, Feng Technical Staff

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