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Curation of TILLING Database Links
Moens, C.B. and ZFIN Staff
Date: 2009
Source: ZFIN Direct Data Submission : (Active Curation)
Registered Authors: Moens, Cecilia
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Links to the Moens Zebrafish TILLING Database are established through a collaboration between ZFIN and the Moens lab. The Moens lab uses TILLING (Targeted Induced Local Lesions in Genomes) to detect rare point mutations in genes of interest in chemically mutagenized genomes. We have generated a cryopreserved library of 8,640 ENU-mutagenized zebrafish which we screen re-iteratively for induced mutations in genes of interest to the zebrafish community. These mutants are made available to the community from the Moens lab or through the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC). To view the Moens lab mutant database, go to http://www.zfishtilling.org/zfish/. Since January 2009, we have teamed with the Solnica-Krezel lab at Vanderbilt University and the Postlethwait lab at the University of Oregon to identify mutations in genes of interest to the zebrafish community by sequential TILLING of a combined library of 14,600 ENU-mutagenized fish. Requests for genes to be screened can be submitted at https://webapps.fhcrc.org/science/tilling/index.php.