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Figures for Blokhina et al., 2021
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Fig 5 <italic toggle='yes'>spo11;rad21l1</italic> double mutants are infertile males.

(A) Sex ratios of all genotypes resulting from a rad21l1+/-;spo11+/- incross. Data pooled from 6 crosses. 0, 1, and 2 on the x-axis refer to the number of wild-type copies of spo11 and rad21l1. (B) Whole mount testes stained for DNA (gray) and Ddx4 (green). WT and rad21l1-/-;spo11+/+ samples display clusters of mature sperm, while rad21l1+/+;spo11-/- and rad21l1-/-;spo11-/- samples do not. Scale bar = 30 μm.

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