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Figure 1 Expression pattern of the proapoptotic gene Bad during embryonic development in zebrafish. Bad expression from early to late developmental stages, as detected by in situ antisense RNA hybridization. Bad was visualized by blue staining. Lateral views of embryos are shown in panels (A–E). (A) One-cell stage (half-hour). Bad is expressed in all cells examined. (B,C) At 8 and 12 hpf, Bad is expressed throughout the embryo. (D) At 18 hpf, Bad is expressed and concentrated within the midbrain (MB) and hindbrain (HB) regions (indicated by an arrow) and the eye region. (E) At 24 hpf, Bad is expressed in the midbrain (MB) and hindbrain (HB) regions (indicated by arrows). Scale bars = 100 µm.

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