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Figures for Dhakal et al., 2021

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Endothelial cell-depleted embryos are not hypoxic. (A) Quantitative (real-time) RT-PCR (qPCR) of prolyl-hydroxylase3 (phd3) transcripts shows increased phd3 levels in experimentally hypoxic embryos vs. normoxic controls (*p < 0.05; Mann-Whitney Wilcoxon, using ddCts). (B) qPCR shows no increase in phd3 levels in Met-treated, doubly-transgenic (cdh5:gal4; UAS:nfsB-mCherry) vs. DMSO-treated, doubly-transgenic controls (p = 0.89; Kruskal-Wallis with Conover post hoc, using ddCts; n = 4 per condition, where each biological replicate includes 3-4 pooled embryos).

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