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Figures for Gray et al., 2020

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 5 The kif6stl95 mutant displays early notochord bending and larval onset scoliosis with rotation, without obvious vertebral malformations. Bright field of representative sibling WT and mutant kif6stl95/stl95 phenotypes at 5 dpf (A) and mutant adult at 60 dpf (B). μCT imaging of a kif6stl95/stl95 mutant at 60 dpf (C). Region of homozygosity-based mapping graphed as mutant allele ratio over the total genomic distance shows a peak of homozygosity at Chromosome 17 (D). Multi-species alignment of the switch II domain of Kif6 proteins illustrating the amino acid change in the kif6stl95/stl95 mutant to Glutamine from a well-conserved Leucine residue (E). Scale bars (A), 1 ​mm and (B, C), 1 ​cm.

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