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Figures for Hawkey-Noble et al., 2020


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Fig. 7 Spatial and temporal expression of zebrafish atp11c in wild-type embryos. Gene specific atp11c expression (antisense) at the 8-cell stage showing maternal deposition (A), 24 hpf (B: lateral, C: lateral tail, and D: dorsal) and 48 hpf (E: lateral, F: dorsal, G: lateral tail) showing expression in the mid-hindbrain boundary (MHB), anterior rhombomeres (rh), pharyngeal arches (PA), pectoral fin buds, olfactory pits (OP) and in a neuronal pattern along the tail. At 72 hpf (H: lateral and I: dorsal) and 96 hpf (J: lateral and K: ventral) there is ubiquitous expression in the head with increased expression in the jaw and OP. Both time points show a specific expression of atp11c in the liver. Non-specific staining (sense) is shown at the same timepoints for comparison (L–P).

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