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Figures for Hawkey-Noble et al., 2020


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Fig. 6 Spatial and temporal expression of zebrafish atp11b in wild-type embryos. Gene specific atp11b expression (antisense) at 0–2 hpf (4 cells) illustrating maternal deposition (A: lateral) and at 24 hpf (B: lateral and C: dorsal head) in the ventricle epithelial lining. Expression of atp11 b at 48 hpf (D and E; lateral) is ubiquitous in the head with concentrated expression in the brain tissue behind the eye and possibly within the eye itself. 72 hpf (F: lateral) and 96 hpf (G: lateral) expression is found in the ear and swim bladder. Non-specific staining (sense) is shown at the same timepoints for comparison (H–L).

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