Figures for Pouchucq et al., 2018

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Fig. 2

γ-tubulin silencing by morpholino-based knockdown causes developmental arrest during gastrulation. A. Bright field images of the representative phenotypes obtained in a tubg1-Mo (20 nM) injection experiment and complete rescue phenotype. Control injected embryos did not show a phenotype. Images were taken at 8 and 24 hourspost-fertilization (hpf). The frequency of each phenotypic class (severe, moderate and wild type) is indicated as a percentage. The standard deviations correspond to three independent biological replicas. B. Phenotypes distribution of 24 hpf embryos injected with tubg1-Mo (20 and 10 nM), control Mo (20 nM) and tubg1-Mo (20 mM) + γ-tubulin polypeptide.

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