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Fig. 1

Maternal-zygotic zebrafish γ-tubulin expression and subcellular localization during early development. A. RT-PCR analysis revealed by electrophoresis in agarose gel showed that γ-tubulin mRNA is detected during the first 8 h of the zebrafish embryogenesis. B. qPCR analysis indicated that γ-tubulin mRNA expression levels were invariant during the first 8 h of zebrafish embryogenesis. β-actin and eef1a were used as reference genes. C. Immunoblot analysis showed that γ-tubulin protein is present during the cleavage (1–3 hpf) and post-MBT stages (3–8 hpf) of zebrafish development. Actin was used as a loading control. D–E. Fluorescence microscopy images of zebrafish embryos (2 hpf) double-stained with anti-γ-tubulin antibody (green) and DAPI (red). Metaphase (E), anaphase, and telophase (F) stages of the cell cycle are shown.

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